Granite is an igneous rock and is a silica base material. Granite is the most popular material for countertops due to the durability and the very low maintenance. Granite comes in several different finishes: polished (the most common), honed, leathered/antiqued, or brushed.

Polished: Is a very glossy finish and is the standard finish from our distributors. It is also the least porous finish, so you will not have to seal your granite as often as some of the other finishes.

Honed: Is a smooth matte finish that will also dilute the true color of the material. By honing granite, the pores are opened and are more susceptible to staining and when wet will enhance the true color. To enhance the true natural color of the stone and to protect it from stains, you can use an enhancer that will enhance the natural color and seal it.

Leathered/Antiqued: Is a smooth textured finish that depends on the material. Stones that have more veins will have a deeper texture, while stones that are more consistent will have a very subtle texture (like an orange peel). When leathering the stone it leaves a slight sheen and also closes the pores, so you will not have to seal as often.

Brushed: Is a very textured finish and is not recommended for heavily used areas. The brushed finish also dilutes the true color of the stone and will need to be enhanced often (just like the honed).